I am an artist, living in the mountains of Colorado. My work, is influenced by my love of mythology and my passion for a healthy environment, human, women’s, and animal rights. I was raised on the eastern seaboard, near the Chesapeake Bay. My parents both worked at NASA. My father was Chief of Ocean Data Systems, and my mother was an electronics engineer. Throughout childhood, I traveled all over the world, getting to experience many cultures and landscapes.  I inherited a love for nature, animals, art, science and travel that became the foundation of my life.

I always had a natural art ability, and would draw and sculpt things in my environment and imagination. I attended what is now, The College of Southern Maryland, where I excelled at color theory, illustration and sculpture. The urge to travel got the best of me, and I left the east coast to explore the United States.

I lived in my 1976 VW van and traveled the country as an artist, going to music festivals and experiencing anything life brought my way. On my travels, I lived in Wisconsin for almost a year working as a mural artist. Mural art expanded my art ability, learning to work with large scale and outdoor settings. Having to be on scaffolding stories off the ground, also brought the necessity to conquer my fear of heights.

Colorado became my favorite spot, returning to it again and again, as I crisscrossed the country. In the late nineties, pregnant with my only child, I settled down in Colorado. The years of near constant travel and living in a van came to a close.

After the homebirth of my son, I trained and became a registered midwife in the state of Colorado. I also worked as a doula. Art was not far from me, I used it to help my clients express their hopes and fears about their experiences giving birth, and becoming parents. “Birth Art” was a favorite practice, among the parents in the childbirth classes I taught. Having acquired my yoga teacher certificate, I also taught prenatal yoga to my clients. I left midwifery, to pursue more formal art training at the Academy of Art University majoring in illustration, while I worked as a freelance artist.

I currently reside in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with my husband, grown son, and his young family. I continue to explore art. I never lost my love for travel, and I escape as often as I can. Science still plays a role in my life as well; I’m working to finish my bachelor’s degree in environmental science, with a concentration in sustainability and a certificate in environmental technology.

With my art, I support environmental conservation, humanitarian, women’s and animal causes. I hope to bring awareness to these important issues through my work. 10% of the profit from my art will be given to environmental conservation, humanitarian rights, women’s rights, or animal rescue organizations, depending on the piece.

Things I like doing other than art are: spending time with family, dancing, going to live music, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, yoga, permaculture gardening, and cooking with whole foods.